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Women in Fashion's goal is to support, encourage and connect with people from all facets of the fashion industry to help grow the industry organically via collaboration and empowerment.


Carly Vidal-Wallace


Carly has worked in the fashion inudustry in Australia, Europe and USA. She initially started the Qld Fashion Festival Brisbane Fashion Month and ran events for Fashion Revolution, QUT CEA, Comme Des Garcons Melbourne and volunteered with the Australian Fashion Chamber in both Australia and New York. On moving to Los Angeles she widened her network of fashion industry networks and knowledge when she was working as the fashion curator of the worlds largest fashion designer platform Not Just a Label, looking after a community of 42,000 designers. She has travelled to Paris Fashion Week and attended events like the worlds first Vegan Fashion Festival. Carly brings her wide knowledge of global contacts to the Australian community. What she has learnt most is how crutial netowrking is to your success, and where she can help by networking local Australians to her global community she is keen to do so.


Priscillia Skippington

Creative Director

Priscillia Skippington, Creative Director and Founder of Priscilla Ann Creative, is an entrepreneur and visionary.  With 10+ years' design experience across many industries and 5+ years of owning and running multiple businesses herself, Priscilla has a passion for helping brands to expand their vision and discover their fullest potential. Establishing a reputation for beautiful, minimalist, timeless style, Priscilla Ann Creative is the cumulatino of a design career that spans industries from Mining and Engineering to Beauty and Fashion. Priscilla has a real love for all things style, the fashion and wellness industries is where she has found herself thrive, working with clients who also appreciate and understand the importance of premium design. Priscilla continues to work directly with all clients that come through Priscilla Ann Creative and has a very close relationship with all of her team, to ensure all work is consistent with the quality and excellence we pride ourselves on.


Annabelle Azadé

Los Angeles Correspondant 

Annabelle Azadé is a fashion tech PR who specialises in representing innovative and sustainable fashion designers. She is an established fashion journalist with a strong PR background, previously working the likes of Buzzfeed in Paris and Marie Saeki PR in New York. Annabelle’s broad network has inspired her to launch ‘Wear the Future’ in 2018, combining her passions for communication, fashion and tech. Annabelle is a mentor at Bloomingdales’ Fashion Incubator in San Fransisco and a renowned speaker at fashion events. 


Abby Potter

Adelaide Correspondant 

Abby is a passionate member of South Australia’s creative community. Driven by her desire to grow and nurture homegrown talent, Abby works with next generation of fashion creatives as a lecturer at TAFESA, alongside her own Adelaide-based label, House of Campbell. 

Utilising her industry experience, including working abroad in China and showing at New York Fashion Week, Abby possesses significant skills and knowledge including quality assurance, production management, local and offshore supply chains, design development, sourcing, media and communications strategy as well as working with international sales agents.

Abby is focussed on creating a vibrant, inclusive and sustainable fashion future.